Lobby wall, across from front door

onion trip.jpg

Onion Peak Triptych: 48" Tall by 74" long total (each panel = 48"x 24")

Printed on metal


Lobby, on other walls

Manzanita, Oregon

Each 30" x 45"

Printed on metal 

$350 each, $1050 total

In rooms

24" x 36" each

Printed on metal

$250 each, total of $2250

End of Hallway


36" x 72" 

On Metal


In Hallway

Any number of images; suggesting 8 total

16" x 24" 

$160 each. $1280 for 8 images.

Total of all above: $6145

Hallway or other shots could be printed on mounted paper for a small discount in materials costs. 

Alternative images here:


And, of course, the Teeth Monsters! We're waiting on a price quote to see these printed as wall decals. If you're interested, we can finish the art and replace some images with these jovial creatures!